Letter Sound: /i/ – Inky´s Arctic Adventure.

What you will need:Inky Mouse puppet (or any other small toy or puppet) a picture of an igloo, some ice in a glass and some picture of objects that represent /i/.

Before reading the story:

Introduce Inky the Mouse. Encourage the children to say hello to Inky and use Inky to ask the children some questions such as “how are you today?”, “do you like stories?”, “what´s your name?”, etc.

Tell the children that today´s special letter sound is /i/. It is Inky´s favourite sound because it is the one that is at the beginning of her name. Ask the children if anyone else has the /i/ sound in their name too?


Inky Mouse is learning all about igloos at school. Isabel, the teacher is reading the class an interesting story about igloos. She tells the children that igloos are houses that are made out of ice. Ice is very cold indeed! Isabel shows the class some ice-cubes that she has in a cup and Inky is allowed to hold one.

Brrrrr” says Inky. It is wet and slippery, the ice is melting and water is dripping on her paws!

i, i, i, i, ,i, i, it´s cold!” says Inky.


If it´s cold and you know it say “brrrrr”,

If it´s cold and you know it say “brrrrr”,

If it´s cold and you know it

And you really want to show it,

If it´s cold and you know it say “brrrrr”.

(Sung to the tune of If you´re Happy and You Know It.)


Tug Inky´s whiskers a few times whilst saying “i, i, i, i”.


Highlight the sounds in a few easy, familiar words with the children and ask them to guess what the whole word is. For example: let´s see if anyone can hear what this word is. Ready? I-g-l-oo. Yes, that´s right! It´s igloo. Let´s try one more word. Ready? I-n-k-y. Great job! It´s Inky. Use pictures flashcards or words if necessary and depending on the children´s age and level.


Call out a few familiar words and encourage the children to identify the /i/ sound in the words they hear by clapping their hands/stamping their feet/raising their hands, etc.

Igloo, Inky, insect, cold, Isabel (or another name).

Letter Formation:

Show the children how to form the letter /i/ in the air using their Magic Fingers and on the palms of their hands and/or on the hand of the person sitting next to them.

Extension Activities:

Use white stickers or white paper and glue to make igloo houses.

Draw or decorate a picture of Inky Mouse.

Play Inky Says… (variation of Simon Says..).

Invite Inky´s friend to class: Incy Wincy Spider.


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