Beki Wilson is a synthetic phonis trainer and literacy consultant in Spain

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Training News – Summer Courses 2016.

Would you like to learn, refresh or extend your knowledge of synthetic phonics and the skills necessary to teaching young learners how to read and write in English?

Beki Wilson at Fun Phonics Spain offers short CPD courses based on the acclaimed literacy programme Jolly Phonics. Courses and in-house training at schools and academies are available throughout the year.

Jolly Phonics promotes a systematic and child-friendly approach to teaching reading and writing in English that helps children learn and embed their new skills over the seven years of the preschool and primary stages.

Because Jolly Phonics uses a mutli-sensory approach to teaching and learning, it has become popular worldwide and is currently in use in over 130 different countries.

June Summer CPD Training Courses in Madrid

NEW! Saturday 18th June – Fun Phonics Framework: A Prelude to Jolly Phonics (ages 3-4)
Saturday 25th June – Jolly Phonics: A Complete Introduction into Synthetic Phonics (ages 4-5 or beginners)
Tuesday 28th June – Jolly Grammar 1&2 (ages 6-8)

July Summer CPD Training Courses in Madrid

Friday 1st July – Jolly Music Beginners with Pedro Izuzquiza (ages 3-7)
Saturday 2nd July – Fun Phonics Framework: A Prelude to Jolly Phonics (ages 3-4)
Monday 4th July – Jolly Phonics: A Complete Introduction into Synthetic Phonics (ages 4-5 or beginners)
Tuesday 5th July – Jolly Grammar 1&2 (ages 6-8)



Thank you to everyone that attended the 2nd annual Jolly Phonics Conference with Jolly Learning author Sara Wernham in Madrid! Delegates came from all over Spain to hear Sara discuss how the Jolly Phonics programme can be adapted for the nursery stages.

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This month also brings the new CPD training course by Beki Wilson based on the Nursery stages, using Jolly Phonics as a natural means of introducing pre-reading and writing skills to Very Young ESL-learners.

Included in the course is the new Fun Phonics Spain framework, an informal teacher´s guide on the various areas of the Early Years curriculum. Links are provided to the Jolly Phonics and Jolly Music programmes, as well as over 200 practical ideas and activities, recommended children´s literature, songs, stories and rhymes and cross-curricular links to topics, themes and celebrations.

For more information or to book a place on this course then please contact us at


The Jolly Grammar 3 Training Course with Beki Wilson will be available from September 2016.

All new training dates will be up for everyone to see on the Fun Phonics Spain and Jolly Learning websites within the next few weeks. Training events will be available in Madrid, Alicante, Santander, Logroño, Valencia, Murcia, Zaragoza and many more!

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Jolly Phonics & Grammar Training Weekend at the Ministry of Languages in Elche with teacher trainer Beki Wilson.

Beki also featured in last month´s edition of Oxford Magazine where she discusses the importance of reading aloud to young children. You can find the whole article here:

Ready To Read Aloud?

You can also find Beki´s interview «What is Synthetic Phonics?» with Jolly Learning author Sara Wernham here:

What is Synthetic Phonics?

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