EMB at Jolly Learning Distributors Conference 2018






The annual Jolly Learning distributors’ conference, held last Monday 9th April, proved to be a valuable opportunity to connect with fellow distributors, share experiences and ideas and learn about plans for the future.  This year I was asked to talk about my experience and the model of distribution I have created over the past few years.  As I said on the day, it was an honour to be asked and for the work, everyone at EMB does to be recognised in this way.

I believe the model we have created has many similarities to the methodology we represent and distribute; it has a firm structure but may and should be adapted to the needs of the market, or the classroom, in the context of the methodology.  This is a great strength but can be a weakness if you lose touch of the basic structure.

Jolly Phonics, Grammar and Music are all methodologies that have been created from the classroom, by professional, experienced teachers.  EMB was founded on twenty years of teaching experience and is a fundamental part of the customer service we are able to offer to our clients.  At the conference, I encouraged my fellow distributors to collaborate with the Jolly Learning trainers in their area and inform themselves so they can offer a more informed help to their clients.  I was pleased to receive positive feedback from other distributors and am glad that they found my ideas useful.

Emma Kneebone

CEO EMB  Company

info@emillsbooks.com / 657265895