Why and when should be use decodable reading books? Decodable books are those books written respecting the synthetic phonics, allow children to decode the words by applying the sounds they

Jolly Music Player

The Jolly Music methodology is now available in a digital format using the Jolly Music Player resources.  There’s a CD available for each level, containing all the song sheets and

The Grammar Handbook 4-5-6

  The Grammar 4 Handbook The Grammar 4 Handbook follows on from The Grammar 3 Handbook and provides revision, consolidation and extension of spelling and grammar rules covered in Phonics,

The Grammar Handbooks 1-2-3

Spelling, punctuation and grammar lessons for children aged 5-10, after a year of Jolly Phonics. Each book introduces spelling and punctuation over a 36 week period.   The Grammar 1