What is a Jolly learning distributor?

The Jolly learning editorial has a small group of official distributors in most countries where the methodology is used. These distributors are independent to Jolly Learning but are not just points of sale for buying, but are chosen for actively making the methodology known within the educational context of each country. 

 Emill’s Books was named an official distributor after proving to take a dynamic approach to sales; making contact with all types of schools and language centers, arranging visits to show teacher’s the material available, and providing a personalised service of advice as to the most appropriate materials. Within this criteria the sales staff working in Emill’s Books, have received training from Beki Wilson (funphonicspain.es) to ensure a working knowledge of the resources.
Jolly learning likes to differentiate between the official trainers and distributors, to ensure there’s no confusion or conflict between using the methodology and selling the materials. Each has an important role in making Jolly Phonics, Grammar or Music accessible to the general public but there should be a clear difference between the two roles. 

 The trainer’s are interested in ensuring a correct understanding and use of the methodology, whereas the distributors provide advice on the materials to use to help its practical application.