What is Jolly English ?

Why choose Jolly English ?

This comprehensive course enables teachers to embed essential English vocabulary in their students. It will also help develop children’s awareness of the sounds of the English Language. Vocabulary is introduced gradually and the introduction of phonics concepts is systematic. Jolly English lays the foundations, so that children are prepared and ready for the Jolly Phonics programme.

Using the tried and tested principle of Presentation and Practice, children are introduced to new words and phrases.
New language is introduced through a series of topic-based units. Age-appropriate activities using songs, chants, games and role-play. Multi-sensory activities hone children’s listening and speaking skills. All 42 sounds are introduced in the Jolly Phonics sequence. Continuous revision and consolidation built into the course.

Develops children’s fine motor skills.
Flexible, fun and easy to implement in school.

Who is Jolly English for?

Jolly English is an English language course that has been carefully developed and sequenced for pre-school children who have little or no knowledge of English. Join Inky Mouse and her friends, Snake and Bee, as they discover new words and phrases using songs, games, chants and stories that bring the course to life and develop children’s English language.

Can Jolly english be used in different teaching context?

The course has been developed, so that it can be used flexibly to suit different classroom scenarios:

Use before starting Jolly Phonics.
Use alongside Jolly Phonics.
Use as a general early learner’s English language course.

Jolly English can be completed in a year or spread out over two years depending on the number of teaching hours available.

What resources do i need to teach Jolly English ?

For the Teacher:

Avaliable at https://emillsbooks.com

The Jolly English Teacher’s Kit contains all the items you need to teach the course. It comes complete with picture flashcards, puppets and a beanbag.

Jolly English Teacher’s Kit:

1 Teacher’s Book 1 (with audio CD) 1 Teacher’s Book 2 (with audio CD) 1 Pupil Book 1

Contains the following items:

1 Pupil Book 2
1 Practice Book 1 1 Practice Book 2

1 set of 296 Picture Flash Cards 1 set of puppets
1 x beanbag